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Server Management

The hub of most office operations, your server is critical to operations and ensuring its available is at the heart of Yowie IT’s server management plan. In addition to all the features of the comprehensive plan our server plans include:

  • Server Service monitoring server services provide all the workstations with vital data.
  • Server security management, often the target of criminals we take several steps to harden your server’s defence’s each month. 
  • Server lifecycle management, Servers typically run 24/7 so knowing when to upgrade or replace is critical to business continuity. 
  • Virtual Machine Management, Best practice is to run each service as a virtual machine we provide the same services to each and every one of your virtual machines at no extra charge.
  • Native Server backup (USB) most server systems will have a “native” backup software. We configure this to a supplied USB device.
  • Weekly backup monitoring, Backup reporting alerting us to any issue with the native service. We do encourage upgrading to the enhanced features of the continuity plans.

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