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Backup and System Continuity

At Yowie IT we take our backup options to the next level. Systems will fail , its not a question of if but when. Our continuity package ensures no matter the situation your up and running quickly.

  • We provide all hardware and software required to backup each PC, MAC or SERVER if you subscribe for a minimum 12 months.
  • Our backup software backups up automatically each day a complete image of your system, applications, files and settings, No need for any system set-up in the event of restoration.
  • Our backup software emails you and us upon failure or warnings and repairs are included at no extra charge.
  • Backups are monitored everyday and tickets automatically created upon any backup issues.
  • Backups for a simple monthly optional cloud storage fee can be synchronised to a secure encrypted off-site cloud location.
  • Unlimited remote backup file restorations and 1 on-site/workshop full system restoration per machine per year, are included whilst subscribed.
  • Backups can be restored to newly purchased systems or what we call dissimilar hardware restores. 
  • In a disaster situation we offer a free of charge “loaner” server, workstation or laptop that can be used if a wait is required on replacement equipment, keeping you running.
  • Backups can be spun up as virtual machines, allowing the system to run inside another machine in either Microsoft Hyper-V or  VMWare Workstation. With this option your business can be back operating within potentially minutes.

Can You?

Imagine a World With No Lock in contracts!

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We understand! That’s why we have no lock-in contracts and bill month to month. With YowieIT you have the freedom to leave if we don’t look after you!